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What’s a CDP and why does it matter?

We know it takes a good understanding of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia to provide appropriate care and feelings of security for people living with these conditions. Our commitment to serving this growing population extends far beyond most other organizations; that’s why we offer our staff a variety of free training sessions provided by a full-time dementia care specialist.

All staff members receive eight hours of training about dementia as part of their initial orientation, and several additional, higher level sessions are offered, including the Certified Dementia Practitioner class.

Certified Dementia Practitioners

Certified Dementia Practitioners (CDPs) are informed about the latest research on diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, and receive training in caregiving techniques to ease issues of communication; emotions; repetitive behaviors; paranoia and hallucinations; wandering; hoarding; aggression; catastrophic reactions; intimacy and sexuality; personal care; nutrition and pain.

Their education includes arranging activities suited to the needs of the individuals they serve, creating calming environments and  supporting family members and fellow staff members in the caring process.

SALMON Health and Retirement’s care staff and leadership are trained in dementia care practices that exceed most traditional trainings including Tapestry program innovative practices. Also, CDP designation is required for key memory care staff. The Clinical Director of Tapestry, Diane C. Tonelli OTR/L, MHA CDP CADDCT , an occupational therapist with 25 + years of senior care and dementia care experience, a NCCDP Certified Alzheimer’s and Dementia Instructor, leads the Tapestry program ensuring innovation, best practice and quality care remain the highest priority in this important part of our organization. Click Memory Care in the main menu at the top of each page to learn more.

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