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Continuum of Care

  • Independent Living and Active Retirement
  • Assisted Living, Tapestry Memory Care, Enhanced Care
  • Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing
  • Level IV Rest Home
  • Home Care and Hospice
  • Early Education
SALMON Health and Retirement staff member congratulating a resident on their physical therapy progress

Why Our Continuum Matters

By choosing SALMON, you join a family proud of the close connections we cultivate and sustain with our residents, patients and staff. These personal relationships help us identify changes in health needs promptly and coordinate quickly with care team members for the best outcome.

Our staff members on all service levels are committed to working together, ready to address the changing needs of those we serve, ready to arrange appropriate care in the middle of a medical crisis, and ready to offer support to you and your loved ones in a variety of ways.

Matt Salmon and Andrew Salmon

SALMON's Continuum of Care

Independent Living

Make these the best years of your life. No more maintenance or upkeep. Instead, you can spend your time doing what you enjoy most — with the people you love most. Get the right combination of privacy and companionship in our individual and shared spaces.

Independent Living Options

Assisted Living, Tapestry Memory Care, Enhanced Care, Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing

Whether you or your loved one need post-surgery care, short- or long-term rehabilitation, memory care or complex medical care, our health services are delivered by professional and compassionate care providers in our assisted living communities.

Assisted Living Options

Home Care: VNA, Hospice and Private Care

You don’t have to live in a SALMON senior living community to benefit from our services. You or your loved one can enjoy independence, comfort and vibrant living while our professionally trained Home Care team provides high-quality care in the comfort of your own home. We can bring our family of supportive, knowledgeable staff to you to provide therapy services, personal care and medication support, as well as help with errands and meal prep.

Home Care Options

Level IV Rest Home

Our residential care facilities for the elderly offer support with activities of daily living, nursing care, medication administration and recreation to help you live more safely and comfortably.

Level IV Rest Home Options

Early Education

SALMON Health and Retirement teaches social and school readiness to children in a loving and healthy environment that nurtures the whole child. Planned intergenerational activities with our assisted living residents bring people of different ages and abilities together.

Early Education Options

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