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Westboro Nursing Home’s Rehab at Work

Patients at Westboro nursing home Beaumont at Westborough participating in short-term rehabilitation programs rely on our dedicated team of therapists to create a care plan that can deliver positive outcomes so they can return home and enjoy the best possible quality of life.

Beaumont at Westborough’s Director of Rehabilitation Kylene Patterson, OTR/L, MHA, revisits a local man’s experience in the Westboro nursing home’s rehab setting a year after his treatment at the community in 2016.

JP is pictured above, flanked by Westboro nursing home Beaumont team members Claudia Farrell, OTR/L and Alex Sorensen, DPT.
JP is pictured above, flanked by Westboro nursing home Beaumont team members Claudia Farrell, OTR/L and Alex Sorensen, DPT.

Double amputee regains indepencence

57-year-old JP Saumur, Jr., had been living with his sister in Bellingham, MA. Although he had been disabled and unable to work, JP could walk and functioned independently in general. However, he developed serious infections in both his lower left leg and lower left arm, resulting in the need for amputations of those two extremities.

JP spent time in and out of the hospital and rehab before landing here with the Beaumont Westborough team in March 2016. JP came a very long way through Beaumont’s care.

Amputees such as JP have ‘phantom pain,’ which is a barrier to therapy; that pain had to be managed before he could advance. That’s where our nursing staff came into the picture.

Before JP came to the Westboro nursing home, he was also in the process of getting his lower arm prosthetic, which is myoelectric. [An externally-powered artificial limb controlled by the electrical signals generated naturally by your own muscles.] He learned its functional use and application at Beaumont.

Initially, JP had needed assistance for any bathroom use and moving from chair to bed, etc., [‘transfers’] for which he used a so-called ‘slide board.’ In addition to all that, he was unable to walk.

The first step toward his recovery as a diabetic was the healing of his leg stump, through expert wound care from our nursing team.

JP participated in strengthening exercises daily and kept a positive attitude throughout his therapy with Beaumont. He undertook both extensive, intensive physical as well as occupational therapy to help him readjust to performing the activities of daily living for himself.

Beaumont’s tool, the NeuroGym® Bungee Mobility Trainer, was essential for his relearning to walk. It helps a person’s gait and reacts to any loss of stability as naturally as possible to prevent falls.

After his therapy program at Beaumont, JP was able to walk supervised up to 150 feet with his ‘quad cane,’ one with a 4-pronged base for stability, and managed transferring to and from chair and bed independently. He was also able to climb 15 stairs with supervision, too.

JP is quick with a smile and easily made friends with the staff during his stay at Westboro. “JP is a collector of unique t-shirts—the king of quirky t-shirts,” says Kylene. “He’s funny and optimistic, and maintained his sense of humor; he’s one of those people with a great personality who doesn’t make everything about himself. The entire staff, from our CNAs to our nurses and rehab team, has a lot of affection for JP—and he returns it. We’ll miss him when he goes home.”

JP was able to return home for Thanksgiving Day and left the community for good on December 22, 2016, just in time for Christmas.

Kylene asked JP a few questions for this article:

Kylene: What was your feeling about going to rehab before you came to Beaumont?
JP: I knew I needed lots of rehabilitation help, so I was glad to come. I was not familiar with Beaumont prior to coming here.

Kylene: What has surprised you about your stay at Beaumont?
JP: I was surprised by Beaumont being more than I’d expected. The general Center itself is outstanding and I have been fortunate to work with an amazing group of people. Beaumont is by far one of the nicest places I’ve been for treatment.

Kylene: What has been best about it?
JP: The rehab process and my recovery have been excellent, as well as the overall socialization taking place at Beaumont. Throughout the course of my stay here, they’ve made it so easy and the activities have kept me busy, so time has passed quickly. I was a mess when I came in, and, although Beaumont is a wonderful place, I’m happy I’m able to walk out! All of the staff members really get to know their patients; I am so pleased with my outcomes. My goal was to walk and I am walking!

Kylene: Would you recommend Beaumont for others needing rehab?
JP: Certainly; for all the reasons I’ve mentioned.

Both patient and staff brought their very best to the table, and came away with impressive results. JP’s sister adds she was surprised Beaumont serves younger people and can meet the needs of complex patients such as double amputees. She’s “forever grateful for the wonderful therapy” as well as the support from JP’s social worker and the nursing staff.

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