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SALMON Health and Retirement Featured in McKnight’s Senior Living

SALMON’s Special Lighting Maintains Sleep Cycles of Residents

SALMON Health and Retirement’s unique lighting systems were recently featured in McKnight’s Senior Living “Tech Daily News.” The article, This long-term care provider keeps the lights on without throwing sleep cycles off, details how SALMON’s lighting systems aid in maintaining circadian rhythms and enhance safety for residents.

SALMON Health and Retirement believes that quality sleep is the cornerstone of a longevity-focused lifestyle and aims to help each resident accomplish quality sleep with the elimination of sleep-disturbing LEDs. Quality of sleep, both short and long term, can influence behavior and cognition, particularly for people with Alzheimer’s disease.

Andrew Salmon, Chief Future Officer of SALMON Health and Retirement, is quoted as saying:

“We talk about domino habits at SALMON. When we [envision a person’s time at SALMON], we look at it backwards and forwards. What do they need in order to have a good day? Any good sleep?”

Lighting in SALMON campuses is calibrated to change at various times during the day in residents’ bathrooms and common spaces—such as bathrooms and dining rooms—to help support natural circadian rhythms in residents.

Learn more about how SALMON Health and Retirement focuses on providing residents with a tranquil sleep environment in McKnight’s Senior Living.

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