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Employee Spotlight: Glen O’Donnell, Facilities Director, SALMON at Medway

Glen O’Donnell has been a member of the SALMON community for 10 years on three different campuses — Northbridge, Sharon, and Medway.

Currently, he works as the Facilities Director at SALMON at Medway.

Glen grew up in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, with five brothers and was first introduced to the maintenance industry through his father who worked as a plumber. Glen has worked in the maintenance industry for over thirty years, the last decade in health facilities.

SALMON’s endless support and dedication to fostering a family atmosphere has made a profound impression on Glen during his time in the SALMON community. “It is clear how important it is that the employees feel like family,” describes Glen.

“At SALMON, employees are more than workers and residents are more than customers.”

Glen reflects on a difficult moment during his time at SALMON at Northbridge and how the Salmon family prioritized the wellbeing and safety of their residents and staff. “About five and a half or six years ago, there was a full-community response to fire and water damage at the Northbridge location,” Glen remembers. “The first people seen at the campus were Andrew and Matt Salmon, checking in and overseeing the safety of their residents. They returned residents to their homes as quickly as possible and focused on the wellbeing of those who were displaced.”

Glen is passionate about helping build a community where everyone has a sense of belonging.

“I am most proud of the connections I formed with residents and their families.” Glen goes on to say, “Family is of the upmost importance at SALMON. It is the focus the second you open the door.”

Jeff Sellers, Executive Director at SALMON at Medway, describes Glen as “the rare breed who really cares for the safety of the residents and the functionality of the building. His level of commitment to our residents and their families is exemplary, and he lives by the motto do the right thing. His knowledge of the building is beyond compare, and he is an asset to the team.”

When Glen is not bonding with residents and families at Medway, he passionately cheers on his favorite Boston-based sports teams at the professional and amateur level, travels with his wife and spends time with his family as he anxiously awaits the arrival of his first granddaughter this October.

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