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Employee Spotlight: Courtney Sibinich, Recruitment Manager & Human Resources

When you think of the SALMON Health and Retirement family, you think of people like Recruitment Manager Courtney Sibinich.

Spending more than half her life at SALMON, she feels like she has grown up here—because she has.

It all started with her mother, who served as a social worker at SALMON. “I remember being eight or nine years old, baking cookies and socializing with Residents,” Courtney describes.

In high school, she worked as a SALMON transporter, helping Residents to the dining room for evening meals. Although she wasn’t sure what her future would hold in terms of a career, she enjoyed the work and the people.

Little did Courtney know then that SALMON would be not only her first job, but also the place where she would build her career.

After serving as a transporter, she participated in onsite CNA training and became a certified nursing assistant for three years. In this role, she provided vital support to Residents and nurses before moving on to Northbridge, home of the Beaumont Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Center and Whitney Place Assisted Living Residences. There, she was the campus “neighborhood secretary” and staff scheduler before the Northbridge campus was later sold.

As her grandfather got older, he chose to make Beaumont at Northbridge his home until his passing. “He was in my office every day, and it was great that I was able to have him there with me.”

After working at Northbridge, she transitioned to the Westborough campus to fill a staff scheduler role so she could use her experiences to serve another SALMON location.

Nearly two decades later, Courtney is still part of SALMON—now serving Residents and their families through talent recruiting and human resources.

One of the first connections she made during her early work at SALMON was Nicole Croteau, the nurse manager at Northbridge who served as her supervisor. Today, the two get to work next door to one another at Northborough. “We have such a close, professional relationship, and we’ve had that for years,” Courtney explains. “Nicole has been such a role model for me, and she gives great advice.”

Scott Laakso, chief people officer at SALMON, says that he struggles to find a more dedicated employee than Courtney.

“She is always willing to step in and do whatever is needed to get the job done. She’s always willing to learn and take on new challenges, including new job roles. And she is a huge asset to the HR department.”

As a recruiter, Courtney knows how vital her role is in creating a safe, supporting, and caring environment. “Whenever I’m interviewing or hiring someone,” she says, “I think to myself, ‘Would I like this person taking care of my grandfather?’ ”

One of Courtney’s favorite things to share with new hires is the feeling of support and belonging that can only be found at SALMON.

Knowing that every staff member shows up every day for the same reason—for the Residents—is motivating and inspiring. “Even when our lives get crazy-busy, all we have to do is remember that we’re here for them.”

When it comes to senior living, this mindset is something that Courtney believes makes SALMON unique. “Many of our other competitors in this industry are huge companies, and they seem to be very focused on dollar signs,” she says. “Here, we are a small, family-owned company. We often see Matt Salmon, the CEO, walking around the facility. He knows our Residents and employees by name.”

“The entire leadership team genuinely cares about everyone that makes up the SALMON family, including staff.”

This is just one example of the lasting, family-first connections that happen every day at SALMON.

Although it’s a close-knit, family-owned family, Courtney is quick to point out how much room exists for growth and professional development within the company. “I’m a great example of that,” she says. “The fact that I’ve been able to build such a career with SALMON is a huge accomplishment. And it started back in high school for me, just a few nights a week. There have been so many good moments and memories here, with many more to come.”

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