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Sculptor Alexandra Martin Details Her Creativity and New Home at The Willows at Worcester

Alexandra Martin, Resident of The Willows at Worcester, recently displayed her remarkable sculptures at the independent living community’s art show several weeks ago.

Martin has resided at The Willows since November, after moving to Massachusetts from New York City.


Her passion for sculpting began about twenty years ago—she was enrolled in a drawing class and “wasn’t grasping perspective,” according to her teacher at the time. This teacher recommended that Martin enroll in a 3-D class to better help her drawing, and Martin says she, “Immediately fell in love with the concept. I loved the messiness and the creativity.”


Martin’s process for creating her sculptures is complex. First, she usually attends a group setting with a model present; she then builds the armature of the sculpture from wire, describing it as a sort of skeleton for the piece, then, on top of the wire, she places the clay, which she meticulously molds and sculpts. Afterward, Martin takes her pieces to a foundry where experts make a plaster mold around the clay, pour melted wax into that mold, make a rubber mold around the wax, and then pour a molten product such as plaster, resin, resin with metal powders, or bronze into the rubber mold—eventually creating the final product!


Despite the intricate process and expense involved, Martin loves the creativity and sense of accomplishment upon completing a project. She is currently working on two sculptures of her grandchildren; expressing her excitement to gift them, Martin says, “The pieces will last a lifetime.”


Martin, who has displayed her many sculptures in various art shows across the country, describes The Willows at Worcester’s art show as different but exciting, explaining, “I have never had a solo show featuring so many pieces—the other Residents who attended were so kind and complimentary.” She also expressed her appreciation for the space itself; “The corridor is beautiful—the light served my designs well.”


Martin describes Residents and staff at The Willows as “fabulous.” In particular, she has been enjoying pottery class, where she is learning a new medium, exercise classes which she describes as, “great for all people, no matter their physical capabilities,” as well as gardening.


The Willows at Worcester is planning additional art shows throughout the summer— “There are a lot of things going on here,” explains Martin. “This isn’t an average retirement community; this is a place to be truly active and meet other people!”

Martin looks forward to being part of the Resident advisory committee soon, where she will participate in planning more activities and finding additional things to do around the Worcester area. “This is an exciting place to be, and I’m looking forward to continuing to enjoy it here,” she concludes.

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