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Whitney Place Communities Collaborate on Mosaic for Assisted Living Week


In celebration of National Assisted Living Week, Residents, staff and family members from all Whitney Place Assisted Living and Memory Care communities contributed a unique piece of art to a collaborative project.

Each year since 1995, the National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL) has run a themed National Assisted Living Week (NALW) to provide a unique opportunity for Residents, their loved ones, staff, volunteers and local communities to recognize the role of assisted living in caring for America’s seniors and individuals with disabilities.

2019’s theme for the week from September 8-14 was “A Spark of Creativity,” aimed to encourage residents to connect with their creative sides and inspire assisted living staff to continue to provide creative ways to enhance community life and advance care to Residents, according to the NCAL website.

In preparation for the week, Residents, staff and families from all of SALMON Health and Retirement’s Whitney Place assisted living communities “sparked their creativity” by contributing their unique qualities to a mosaic image of SALMON Health and Retirement’s logo on an 8’ x 6’ banner hanging in Whitney Place at Westborough.

The colored part of the image comprises the art of Residents and staff members who were asked to “paint their personality” by decorating a 4” x 4” square in a way that represents them. The white area surrounding the image contains statements from family and friends about what makes their loved one creative.

Ed and Mary Clasby, who live in Whitney Place at Westborough, were among the many who decorated a square. Ed said his square, which depicts a ship on the water represents a “vessel of life … life’s travels and experiences can be very happy if you are blessed with a beautiful wife and a faith-filled family.”

Mary said her square decorated with a shamrock represents “good fortune and the strength needed to pursue life with both its rewards and difficulties.”

Jeanette Blandino, a Resident at Whitney Place at Westborough said she used a nature scene to represent her personality because “I love the sun and flowers – they bring me closer to God and nature.”

The family and friend squares included statements such as “Leo is an amazing stained glass artist,” and “Barbara has a radio show and a podcast!”

The final mural represents the unity of all of SALMON’s Whitney Place communities and the importance of individualism within each of these communities. Whether inside or outside Whitney Place, our Residents, staff members, friends and family all hold a key piece to making SALMON’s assisted living residences a positive space where each unique, creative personality can thrive.

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