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The Globe Salutes SALMON Nurses

boston globe salute to nurses

SALMON Health and Retirement is proud of each and every one of our nurses. We are especially pleased to announce Linda Dutile, RN; Ann Grigoriadis, RN; Patricia Marengo, RN; and Ann Spaulding, RN, MSN, are featured in the special “Salute to Nurses” section of The Boston Globe on May 3, 2016.

Each year, The Globe invites patients, their family members or health care providers to nominate nurses who demonstrate extraordinary compassion, clinical excellence and patient advocacy. The Globe publishes the letters of nomination to honor the nurses and their hard work.

Check out the tributes below or click here to view the entire “Salute to Nurses” section: https://www.boston.com/jobs/jobs-news/2016/04/30/salute-to-nurses-letters-2016.

Linda Dutile, Beaumont at Northborough

Linda Dutile began her career here at SALMON Health and Retirement in 2009 as a Recreation Assistant. Her passion as a caregiver grew and led her to train as an LPN. Not long after becoming an LPN, Linda pursued and acquired her RN. Currently, she is a Nursing Supervisor at Beaumont at Northborough. Linda has worked very hard to develop her nursing career; a career she truly loves and one for which she most definitely was meant.

You can ask any staff member, family member or Resident here at Beaumont about Linda and you will most definitely hear praises. No matter how busy Linda is, she will stop in her tracks to say a genuine “Hello” to a visitor or to greet a Resident who has smiled at her. One of Linda’s roles is that of Mentor Nurse, a role that entrusts her with the responsibility of training new nurses. Their training is a responsibility she takes on wholeheartedly, knowing that she is helping shape the next generation of nurses. It is for her dedication to her nurses, the Residents and the family members that Deb Wade nominates Linda Dutile.

Ann Grigoriadis, Beaumont at Northbridge

Ann Grigoriadis has been at Beaumont at Northbridge since 1988 when she applied for a laundry aide position and ended up being hired as a nurse’s aide for the 3-11 shift, a shift she has worked ever since. She then went on to work as a rehab aide. Ann’s dedication to the field of healthcare led her to pursue not only her LPN, but also her RN all while working for SALMON Health and Retirement. As an LPN, Ann was promoted from a Floor LPN to Supervisor. After becoming an RN, she became an RN Supervisor. Committed to her job as Supervisor, Ann is one of the most trusted of nursing personnel in the building.  She has continued to go above and beyond doing all of the little things to support our Residents, families, and staff.  She has been instrumental in the rollout of the electronic health record and constantly does whatever it takes to support the building supervisory needs. Consistent, caring, trustworthy, and professional are descriptions we’ve come across for Ann over the years. For her years of dedication and professionalism, Deb Yedinak, nominates Ann Grigoriadis.

Patricia Marengo, Beaumont at Worcester

Patricia Marengo began her career at this community in 2007, before it became Beaumont at Worcester. Patricia comes from a family of nurses, as both her mother and sister are nurses. In fact, she began as a nurse’s aide under the supervision of her mother, who was her Charge Nurse.  Pat is truly remarkable in the number of roles she performs. She is flexible in her role of Charge Nurse, patient when training new nurses, and kind and sensitive in managing staff. Leadership is innate for Pat.

A self-motivated nurse, Pat sees a need or a job that needs to be done and she just runs with it. She is detail oriented, highly trained and motivated to always learn more. Pat learns new ideas and tasks quickly and openly shares everything she knows with others. She takes the time with MDs and NPs seeking to keep everyone up to date and informed. Her empathy and compassion come through when she is dealing with families struggling and Residents nearing death. Pat keeps comfort the priority at all times. While she has held many roles, all of which have brought clinical experience and mastery of nursing skills, Pat enjoys the time she has with Residents above everything.  Pat is seen as the “go to” nurse by her colleagues for help or ideas. Her co-workers have the utmost respect for her. On behalf of her co-workers, the Residents and their families, Deb Audet, RN nominates Patricia Marengo.

Ann Spaulding, Beaumont at Natick

Ann is proud of her Irish heritage. She talks fondly of her parents, aunts and grandmother. She has a large extended family and enjoys keeping in touch with them.  She is a true extrovert and is energized when socializing and being amongst people.  She has some great stories about her upbringing and her nursing experience.  Most importantly, she strives each day to be a good person…and succeeds.

It’s Ann’s nature to get to know each Resident individually, as well as their family.  She will put in as much time as needed to make them feel comfortable, to educate them, and to answer any questions.  She sits with Residents to comfort them, sings and dances with them and advocates tirelessly, getting them what they need.   She can be found walking the halls with an agitated dementia Resident talking about the little idiosyncrasies that clue in any passerby that Ann really knows her patients and their stories. She especially loves dementia care and strives to give her Residents dignity.

When Beaumont at Natick was built she was looking for a part-time job as her kids were in school and she was involved with school projects. She started working here before Residents were even admitted.  She can tell you stories about being outside putting beds together.

Some 15 years and “many hats” later she has done quite a bit here in Natick.  Being from Natick she knows many of our Residents or their families when they come to stay with us.  Families find this quite comforting, especially if this is their first long-term care experience. Her Residents and their family members become part of Ann’s extended family while they are with us and sometimes after they have left us.  Family members will still call Ann with questions and concerns about their loved ones long after.  She goes above and beyond to ensure their time with us is comfortable and as enjoyable as can be. For her dedication to the Residents, their families and Beaumont, I, Michele McGovern, RN, nominate Ann Spaulding.

SALMON Health and Retirement