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Employee Spotlight: Matt Groehl, Payroll Manager

With a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management from Nichols College, Matt Groehl’s career path led him to SALMON in 2017.

Matt had long been drawn to human resources, and SALMON was hiring for the opening of their newest campus location in Sharon, MA. Matt had attended a SALMON event and heard the Salmon family speak about the business and their vision.

“I recognized that the Salmon family took the business seriously and was drawn to the company due to their passion and mission,” said Matt. “SALMON certainly took a chance on me when considering me for this position, and I’m grateful they did, as I learned so much serving on the team that opened the Sharon campus.” There, Groehl was responsible for onboarding the full staff, getting nearly 100 employees up and running.

Matt served the HR needs of SALMON’s Sharon campus for three years, and his expertise and background led the accounting team to ask if he would also be willing to support SALMON’s payroll initiatives. Welcoming the challenge, he agreed, and began supporting SALMON’s payroll efforts at Sharon in early 2020.

With his clear business acumen, Matt continued to take on additional payroll responsibilities beyond Sharon, ultimately shifting to the payroll team full time from his HR role and adding additional SALMON campuses to his workload.

As his role changed, so did his title, and he served as payroll coordinator, then lead coordinator, before shifting to his current position where he oversees all of SALMON’S payroll processes and reporting as payroll manager.

“Matt has been a tremendous asset to SALMON, and his career trajectory inside our company is a testament to his work ethic and ability,” states Scott Laakso, SALMON’s chief people officer. The two men have collaborated closely to continue to streamline SALMON’s HR and payroll functions, identifying new systems and internal processes that benefit SALMON’s employees.

Matt recognizes his role plays an important part in SALMON’s growth and “looks forward to continuing to expand and enhance SALMON’s reputation in the region.”

When not at work, you can find Matt consuming media, whether it be his extensive vinyl or movie collections, or attending the Newport Folk Festival annually with his wife. He can also be found reading or playing with his Shiba Inu Willow.

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