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Employee Spotlight: Jonathan Terlaje, Director of Sales, SALMON at Medway

Jonathan Terlaje found an appreciation for senior living when he was just 18 years old working as a concierge at another senior living facility.

However, it was not until two years ago that he joined the industry as Sales Director at SALMON Health and Retirement.

Jonathan’s mother worked as an Executive Director in senior living, introducing him to the industry at an early age. Even so, Jonathan studied graphic design in college and pursued a career in sales until his employment with SALMON’s Sharon campus.

“I did every sales job I could get between that epiphany and now,” joked Jonathan.

Since joining the SALMON family, Jonathan has seen a significant change in his personal and professional life. He shares that working with SALMON has made him feel more secure professionally and personally as a single father.

“Since working with SALMON, I have done a 180 on my personal life. I’ve come a long way and I feel great about where I’ve come in my career.” He goes on to say, “I’d like to help grow the company and retire here.”

Family is at the core of SALMON’s mission and core values when it comes to residents, staff, and personal life.

For Jonathan, SALMON feels like a place he can call home.

Jonathan reflects on the positive company culture and family values. “I come into work every day with a big smile on my face.” says Jonathan. “Memorable moments are little touches throughout the day. I love having comradery with the residents. It’s like a family.”

One example is from Jonathan’s first week at SALMON, when Andrew and Matt Salmon called Jonathan inquiring about his transition to the company. “I had the feeling that this is where I belong,” he says. “I immediately felt at ease, and I knew this is the family I want.”

Jonathan never gives up on his family, constantly looking to make connections with colleagues.

He says, “I build relationships with everybody, and I love everybody that I work with.”

But there is one colleague in particular who has been influential in Jonathan’s time at SALMON. Aimee Evers, Resident Care Director, never fails to impress Jonathan with her determination. He describes Aimee, “I’ve never run into a situation in which she couldn’t help me, she’s always willing to break some situation down to problem solve. She’s there for the family and the team.”

With his education in marketing and sales, his expertise, positive outlook, and family values Jonathan has really set himself apart.

“Jonathan could sell a bicycle to a fish. He has the uncanny ability to dial into what prospective residents need even when they don’t know it,” states Jeff Sellers, Executive Director at SALMON at Medway. “His calm demeanor, creativity, and willingness to do whatever it takes to close the deal are rare to find all in one individual. He is a consummate professional and exudes graciousness, he is a fine representative of what SALMON is about.”

When not at work, Jonathan enjoys spending quality time with his eleven-year-old son.

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