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Respite Stays: Smart options for interim care

Everyone needs a break from work from time to time, and that’s certainly true for those of us who are caregivers for elders and other people we love. But how can caregivers feel at ease leaving someone who needs them behind?

According to Virginia Lehr, Community Relations Director for Whitney Place Assisted Living Residences at Natick, a “respite stay” fills that need.

“A caregiver may want to take a vacation, need a medical procedure, or have to travel for business. A respite stay means a caregiver can do what they need to do, while the person they care for enjoys good food, personal attention and plenty of company in a pleasing, comfortable environment here at Whitney Place. People with us for respite stays —  which can last from one to several weeks —  live in a fully furnished apartment and receive all of the same services as our Residents. It’s a ‘win-win’ situation.”

We’ve also had folks stay with us when they’ve completed rehabilitation but aren’t quite ready to manage at home by themselves. It fills a gap and brings them greater peace of mind.”

How to cope during caregiver time off

Respite stays are available with advance notice, and are charged on a daily basis. Lehr and staff at other Whitney Place Assisted Living Residences in Northborough, Northbridge and Westborough cooperate to find an opening when one can’t be accommodated at the first choice location.

Some people who‘ve had a respite stay at Whitney Place later become Residents. Lehr says that’s easy to understand.

“People are drawn to us because of our warm, friendly staff, happy Residents and positive atmosphere. When a person’s needs change, and they know us already, choosing to live here just feels right.”

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