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Aging with Dignity: Responding in a Crisis

No one can ever be completely prepared for a crisis, but you can implement certain measures to ensure you are best equipped to handle these sudden situations when they happen to you or a loved one.

This post highlights decisions you will be faced with and how to better prepare for crises when the time comes.

It won’t be easy

“It’s very hard to think of a family member in pain, but slips, trips and falls are some of the most common accidents for senior adults,” said video host Jenn Adams. “Whether you are in your home or out and about, the experience will be traumatic.”

What to expect:

After a fall or injury, you or your loved one will likely experience a hospital stay, and/or inpatient or outpatient physical therapy.

Things to consider:

Before an accident happens, it is beneficial to consider which skilled nursing or rehabilitation center you or your loved one would be comfortable in, so a last-minute, ill-informed decision isn’t necessary.

You will also want to learn about the patient’s insurance benefits, specifically as they relate to short-stay rehabilitation, physical therapy, occupational therapy or any other services you will be utilizing so your family isn’t hit with a surprise bill.

Serving the Health Insurance Needs for Everyone (SHINE) is a great tool to assist in understanding insurance. SHINE can be accessed by calling 1-800-AGE-INFO. Mass Health and Hospital Association (patientcarelink.org) is another useful resource.

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