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Aging with Dignity: Preparing for the Future

With Americans living longer than ever before, it is now more important than ever for you and your loved ones to properly devise an aging plan to ensure optimal care and comfort.

Here are some tips to utilize while discussing future health, financial and living options with an aging person in your family.

The Importance of Early Intervention:

“The preparation process can be a daunting task – it involves careful consideration for all parties involved,” said video host Jenn Adams.

While it is a difficult discussion to have, it is important to do early before experiencing an emergency forcing you to make quick decisions without careful thought.

Easing the Stress of Planning:

Conversations about aging plans can create stress for you, your aging family member and your entire family. Adams offered some tips to prevent conflict and maintain respect in the conversation such as reminding each other you’re having the conversation because you care, planning in increments rather than all at once, allocating duties among family members, and finding humor in the situation.

You Don’t Have to Go Through the Process Alone:

The video advised the option of involving professionals such as the family lawyer and CPA to help arrange and document healthcare preferences and finances.

There are several resources available to facilitate the planning process, such as the Neponset River Regional Chamber (nrrchamber.com), Aging Service Access Point (1-800-Age-Info, www.800AgeInfo.com), Aging with Dignity (Agingwithdignity.org), Honoring Choices Massachusetts (honoringchoicesmass.com)

“There is no one size fits all in having discussions about the future with your loved ones,” said Adams. As long as the family member feels empowered about the discussion and your choices are documented, future events will prove less hectic.”

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