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Aging and Inflammation

How Food can Help Manage Pain

As we grow older, the usual aches and pains become more noticeable. There are many reasons why this may happen, but there are also several methods to manage or even eliminate the pain.

Our bodies are finely-tuned instruments;  even small things can keep them from operating properly. What we put into our bodies can affect the ways in which we perform and many of the foods we consume can cause common ailments.

One major issue is inflammation, which has been linked to arthritis, cancer, dementia and several other ailments. When we eat processed foods, our bodies react in a negative way, resulting in inflammation. This causes lower energy levels, diminished focus, and longer digestion periods.

Our bodies thrive and inflammation subsides when we consume the foods needed to operate at 100 percent efficiency. This becomes even more crucial as we age, so it is important to ensure the foods we are eating are healthy and not overly-processed.

At SALMON Health and Retirement, we identify which foods are good for the body and incorporate them into our menus. We have taken the sometimes-confusing decision of what healthy foods to eat and made it simple for our Residents.  Those who dine with us can be confident they are making healthy eating decisions when they have meals in our dining rooms.

As we make these better food choices, ailments such as inflammation subside and our bodies thrive. Just starting with one simple change can make a difference which, over time, can result in a dramatic improvement in how we feel and operate.

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