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Employee Spotlight: Allison Karsay, Director of Success & Events, SALMON at Medway

With over 35 years of experience in life enrichment, Allison Karsay, the Director of Success and Events at SALMON at Medway, has found her home with SALMON Health and Retirement.

Growing up in Sharon, Massachusetts, Allison knew at a young age that she was interested in working with seniors professionally. She volunteered as a candy striper at her local hospital in the geriatrics department when she first expressed interest:

“I connected so well with the patients, at fifteen years old I knew that I was going to work with seniors.”

As Director of Events, Allison likes to think of things out of the box that will engage the residents to the fullest, believing that “you’re never too old to go for the gold.”

Allison encouraged some friendly competition by organizing a Whiffleball tournament between two of the SALMON campuses with teams combined of residents and staff.

With the help of Glen O’Donnell and other staff, the “SALMON Slugger vs. Whitney Warriors” competition was organized with a field, concession stand, and cheerleaders with pom-poms made by the residents. But what made the tournament most special was honoring a resident who nearly passed away from COVID-19 with a “MVP” trophy at the end for their recovery.

One of her favorite events involved helping a resident who was a former playright at the Sharon community complete one of his plays. Allison remembers the resident looking at her and asking, “If we could bring this play to fruition, would you help me do that?” Allison encouraged the involvement of residents, staff, friends, and family members to come together and rehearse the resident’s final production, “Live it Up!” come to life. “We made a playbill for him, we had a pianist, it was such a big deal,” said Allison.

“It gave everyone a sense of purpose and accomplishment, and it helped someone’s dream come true.”

Allison believes that the family connection is what makes SALMON unique from other senior living facilities. “My culture is to build relationships and connections, and that’s aligned with theirs. We’re a good marriage.”

Jeff Sellers, Executive Director of SALMON at Medway, describes Allison as the glue of the SALMON at Medway community. “You would be hard pressed to find someone with the passion and commitment that Allison gives this community. Her natural caring nature is evident in the relationships that she has with our residents and they really enjoy Allison. She has a special way of making our residents feel important and truly has a servant’s heart, she is a true example of omotenashi.”

Although SALMON helped support Allison grow professionally as she began to explore a career in sales, Allison attributes this ambition to her father who continues to be her source of motivation.

“My father has Alzheimer’s and he’s my hero. He was in sales and I didn’t do sales until after he was diagnosed, that’s what drove me.” When Allison decided to pursue a new career, she said the Salmon family believed in her and allowed her to grow: “They really are family.”

Allison believes what makes working at SALMON a positive and unique experience is the fact that it is a family-owned company that fosters a family-based work environment.

“I feel so blessed to be a part of the SALMON family. Because of them, I’ve grown personally and professionally.”

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