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Safety First!

Safety First!

Safety should always be a priority – even more so when mapping out an environment for our older years. Learn some particular ways to incorporate safety measures without sacrificing stylish living.

  • Choose wooden tabletops with rounded edges, rather than glass or sharp corners.

  • Tuck loose cords behind furniture to avoid trips; use cord covers.

  • Keep where you walk clear of clutter to prevent falls.

  • If balance is an issue for you, place furnishings in a way that helps use them if needed.

  • Don’t use scatter rugs; they are trip and slip hazards for everyone.

Safety Tip: Round edges are safer than sharp corners
  • Choose sofas and side chairs that are comfortable but not too soft or very deep, to make getting into and out of them easier.

  • Non-slip rugs are helpful in the bathroom.

  • Consider a nightstand with connectors on its top or use a powerstrip there; either way, you’ll have easy access to plugs.

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